Selection Number 1 requires less maintenance because it grows quickly and with the best resources. Insecticide and manure are sprinkled on the grass before planting to guard against bug and termite infestations. Due to Mexican Grass’ tolerance of shade, we prefer to recommend it to all of our clients when choosing grass for lawns where there is excessive shadow or where the temperature is below freezing. Mexican Kind is less hardy and more difficult to maintain than Selection No. 1 variety of grass. Mexican carpet is also very well-liked in hot sun regions like Delhi NCR since it creates a thick lawn that is simple to maintain and attractive. The last fad was for Korean and Calcutta grass, however these grasses have fallen out of favour because they are either utilised for personalization or for shade.

  • Best suited for big lawns and parks
  • It is a fast-growing grass
  • Needs 6-8 hrs full sun exposure
  • It has light green color and dense foliage
  • Most popular grass and most commonly used in landscapes