Preserved Moss Wall Services in Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Delhi Ncr, India

A Step Towards Greener Lifestyle: Preserved Moss Walls

What other alternative to live walls for locations with limited maintenance time and sunlight but to instal preserved moss walls? Compared to living walls, Moss Wall is realistic and maintainable.

What Is A Moss Wall?

Although preserved moss is not a new idea in the design world, it is quite popular because it requires no upkeep and is widely available to designers.

The moss used to make Moss Wall is chemically treated to preserve it. To keep it colourful and in its original state, it is first covered with glycerine before being coated with a colourant of a healthy food grade.

Why Preserved Moss?

The most magnificent landscapes cannot always be created by interior designers using just live plants and flowers, even if there are preserved ones all around. The greatest strategy to guarantee the landscape’s endurance is to employ foliage or vegetation that is easy to maintain. Additionally, since the preserved moss doesn’t grow, it can be kept in its natural state without watering or exposure to sunshine.

One of the finest alternatives to living walls is preserved moss walls since they are easy to instal, require no fertiliser or watering, and can be used to create stunning landscapes.