Green Roof & Green Wall Services in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, India

Green Walls: Life-Saver Approach Towards Healthier Living In Urban Cities

Old, soulless, stereotypical structures in urban areas now have a new definition thanks to lush green vertical gardens. The concept of green walls was developed with the intention of creating a greener environment inside of those dreary cement ramparts.

A Frenchman named Patrick Blanc had the idea for Green Walls, which depicts waterfalls tumbling through the verdant, tropical rainforest. Urban communities were compelled to implement vertical gardens in order to live more sustainably. Although industrialization has greatly advanced civilization, it is now more important than ever to take a more intelligent approach to creating an ecologically sound framework.

Green walls breathe new life into your house or office while requiring less work and money to maintain. Green walls are incredibly self-sustaining and can be integrated into any aspect of the structure, whether it be on the inside or the outside.

However, it’s crucial to select particular plants while taking into account everything that surrounds the location. Like, plants that need moisture and shade should be on the lower side, and plants that can withstand the sun should go on top. The combination of perennial flowers, evergreens, and mosses gives the landscape a uniform appearance; therefore they should be evenly spaced out along the wall.

Do you ever wonder how these green walls or vertical gardens manage to stay healthy and lush? To help the greens stay greener, a pipe-based internal watering system is installed throughout the landscaping. Additionally, they are able to breathe just well thanks to the distance between the building and the walls, which also lessens the need to add soil to the green walls in order to keep them completely pristine and green. In addition to making the area more beautiful, vertical gardens naturally keep the interior cooler.

Benefits of Green Wall/ Green Roof

Increased Energy Efficiency

Sound Barrier

Improved Productivity

Healthier place

Enhanced Air Circulation

Balancing Humidity

Reduces Stress Level

Faster Creation & simplified Tending

Protect Exterior Structures