Exotic plant purchases cost a lot of money for private persons in India. In reality, maintaining them is much more difficult. Many people lose up on their aspirations of possessing an exotic garden as a result. Greenstar Landscape is here to make you feel better.

Established Nurseries

Flower Ocean operates its own plethora of distinctive nurseries in Delhi, which span 3 acres, and close to Agra, which span up to 30 acres; the latter is recognised as one of the largest nurseries in India. Numerous shrubs, ground coverings, and both native and foreign plants are raised in these nurseries. Each Flora Ocean tree and plant is a gorgeous fashion statement that is sourced from several worldwide locations, including China, Thailand, Africa, Australia, Spain, Italy, Madagascar, and New Zealand. The variety of exotic trees, which have been expertly cultivated and cared for by growers from throughout the world, is available for you to select from and plant whenever and wherever you like.


Easy Maintenance

Our nurseries offer inexpensive, high-quality exotic plants that make upkeep of an exotic garden simple and enjoyable. Exotic gardens are no longer a pipe dream for everyone in India thanks to our experienced team’s evaluation of the best kind of exotic plants for your property and provision of advice and services for their survival.